Saturday, June 4, 2011

Gulf Shores Family Vacation Day 1: On The Road....

We hit the road around 7:45am Sat. morning for our first family vacation with just our family of four. We were armed and ready for our 470 mile trip with two kiddos under four, we were packing all kinds of snacks, juices, toys, suprises but the best of all was the portable dvd player. We busted out the dvd player a little over an hour into our trip. Hudson could not believe his eyes he looked as though he was thinking "WOW! We really have a tv in our car? We must be so special and cool". You can see one of those looks on his face below.
Austin was full of suprises as far as saying funny things. The photo below is of the power lines over the highway that have the orange looking balls on them. He thought it was so cool that there were balls up there. So we asked him "how do you think those balls got up there so high?". Without even really thinking about it he says so seriously "God put those balls there" like duh Mom & Dad. So then we asked him "how do we get those balls down?". Once again he replied quickly and so serious "God will get them down". Have to love that kid. We also passed a rest stop in Alabama near Huntsville that has a rocket in front of it (sorry no picture of it, maybe on the way home). We made a big deal about the rocket like wow look at that rocket, I bet it went to the moon. Austin replied "with an astranaunt on it", saying it like what else would go on it. We hit some traffic at one point of our trip! There was a sign telling us to be prepaired for slow traffic for the next four miles-but of course the DOT decided to put it after the exit that you could have gotton off at to avoid the traffic. So for the next almost two hours we sat pretty much stopped moving a car lenght every now and then. The boys both did really good with the traffic and didnt get too crazy while we were in it (and neither did Mommy-my anxiety did great and held off durring it). Below Brad needed a little pick me up once we were through the traffic so he downed a 5 hour energy and we were on our way again. A little over half way through the trip Austin looks out the window and says "beach, beach, I dont see the beach anywhere". It seemed to take forever to get to the beach. We were sure both of the boys would sleep for a while in the car but no such luck. Hudson took about a 45 min nap after we got out of the traffic and Austin took about an hour nap, which was the last hour of the trip. Austin woke up at one point and said "beach, are we at the beach yet?" when I said no, were getting closer he closed his eyes and was out again.
Once we did arrive at the beach we unloaded the car and headed for our condo. When I walked out on the balcony I saw this in the sand below "I Love Boo Boo" I took it as it saying "I love BoBo" so I had to get a picture.

This is the view of the beach that we have for the next 7 days.

Over all our trip down to the beach was pretty good and un-eventfull (other than the traffic-which was for them trimming the trees on the side of the road). We also were able to see a little of the devistation of the tornados that recently hit Alabama. Other than that the boys were as close to perfect as they could have been being in the car for 9 hours and we arrived at the beach in good health so it was over all a good day.

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