Sunday, June 5, 2011

Gulf Shores Family Vacation Day 2: Hitting the beach

Warning there are lots of photos ahead in this post!
On Sunday morning we woke up and took the boys down to the beach for the first time of the trip. By the time we arrived last night, unloaded the car and got groceries and dinner it was too late to go down and everyone was so tired.
Austin was up at 5:30am asking if we could go down to the beach. He was so excited
Last year when we were at the beach Hudson only wanted to eat the sand so we were excited to see what he would think this year. Brad held him until we were down by the water.

Hudson was not too sure of the water at first he had to check it out.

Austin on the other hand loved it this year!

Look at that sweet little face.

My happy Boy!

Hudson decided he wanted to be Mr. Independent and didn't want any one to hold him or his hand so I let go and he went face down into the water on the first wave that came up. He got up and walked out of the water a little and then did a butt plant into the sand when he fell backwards. You can see the after photo of him below.

After everyone got there feet in the ocean we headed back up to the room to get our swimsuits on and have some breakfast (remember we went down before 6am). After we were already we headed back to play in the sand some.

Both boys love playing in the sand.

We then headed up to the pool after the boys were over the beach. The weather was perfect in the morning, there was a nice breeze and it was not too sunny. As you can see below Hudson was all about walking around. He did not really spend anytime in the pool.

Austin loved the zero entry pool-he could touch almost any where in the pool.

After a few hours at the beach and pool we headed back to the condo and we all took a nice long nap. We then got ready and left the room to go to dinner and explore Orange Beach a little. However, before we could decide where to eat Hudson was over it and ready to be out of the car. So we headed back to the condo-put on out swim suits and headed back down to the beach and pool.

Since we had been in the car so much the day before and the boys were so good we let them have there fun today.

Brad spent most of the time chasing after Hudson who was more interested in exploring the pool deck than playing in the pool.

Austin got an alligator board to play with in the pool and loved it!

We headed to Walmart to pick up a few things we had forgot the night before. We discovered that the Walmart here had different shopping carts than the ones back home. So we had to test them out. As you can see here Huddy loved them and was all laughs.

Here is me trying to get a photo with my boys before we went to dinner.

We went to dinner at Live Bait which was pretty yummy. Hudson actually made crayon to paper contact with the kids menu as you can see some of his artwork in the picture below.

Here is Austin loving his "chips" He is on a chip and cheese dip kick (I don't know where he gets that from, definitely not his mommy. LOL!)Brad and Austin

Hudson and I

Today was a special day for Brad and I as well. It was our 7 year Anniversary. Some how I didn't end up getting a photo of the two of us together. Brad got a new PS3 game while we were at Walmart today for a Anniversary gift and I notice a Coach Outlet near by that I just might have to get something at this week. Over all a great first day at the beach. So far no sunburns and everyone has been pretty happy today other than Hudson getting upset in the car and Mommy getting mad at the cell phone.

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Anonymous said...

We always stop at the rocket ship exit on our way to Florida every year...kinda our tradition. Hope you guys have an awesome vacation and have a safe trip home!! :)