Monday, May 30, 2011

Our week 5/23/11-5/30/11

Our week started out with Austin having his last day of school on Tuesday and then the rain came. So on Wednesday morning I knew I had to do something to keep the boys entertained. After all we had been quarantined to our house for almost a week and a half at this point, since Huddy had been sick. I decided to put a sheet over the kangaroo climber and put a tunnel leading into it. This kept them occupied for maybe 20 mins or so.
Later Wednesday morning Hudson developed a bad rash (read all about that in another post).
Hudson also decided this week that he wants to start using spoons and forks while eating. I guess he sees us all using them so I gave in and gave him one.

Some times he actually gets some food in there, but has been using his hands some too still. But he sure does love carrying around his fork while walking around which drives us crazy.

It really seems like the boys are starting to become friends a little more everyday. Austin has really been having fun letting BoBo play in his room. He has even been sharing his cars which is a really big deal. Hudson has started actually playing with the cars some rather than eating them (a.k.a. taking them to the car wash as we tell Austin when he is freaking out that BoBo is eating his cars and getting them all wet). Hudson has started pushing them around, its so cute to see things starting to make sense and connect with him.

Austin got a new trash truck this weekend. I don't know what it is with this kid and his trash trucks-but he has like 10 BIG ones, not to mention all the littler ones too. He knows what is different about each one.

Austin had a sleep over at Grandma & Grandpas house Sat. night and got to go to the Zoo on Sunday. They have a new train there which turned out to be more like clown cars. It was so disappointing that Austin didn't ask to ride again, which means it must have been pretty bad.

The weather here is starting to heat up into the 90s so Austin is having to find ways to stay cool. Today he used the buckets Grandpa brought over as pools again and decided he needed to use the hose to pour more water over his head. He loves it outside.

Austin has discovered the word "why?" this week. He was saying "for?" after everything, but now we have reached the dreaded "why" after EVERYTHING phase.

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