Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Gulf Shores Family Vacation Day 4: Zoo & Outlets

This morning I woke up around 6am to Austin saying "Mommy wake up, suns up, lets go to the beach". Brad and Hudson were still asleep so I took Austin down to the beach to look for shells.
There was a storm here last night so there was all kinds of stuff washed up. We got a big bag of shells and I even found a small sand dollar that was unbroken. We walked for about an hour out just the two of us. I don't get too much alone time with my big boy, so it was nice for this one on one time.

When Austin and I got back to the condo from our walk Brad and Hudson were up so we decided to head to the Gulf Shores Zoo with the boys. It ended up being a lot hotter there than we had anticipated, but it was a really neat little Zoo.

We got a cup of food that Austin could feed to some of the animals. They also had a lot of animal encounters you could do-but we opted out of the boys riding a camel or playing with tigers.

Austin is feeding a deer here

Here is a Lemur riding a baby toy. They had Lions, Tigers, Bears, Goats, Donkeys, Monkeys, Alligators, Turtles and Ducks (they had others too but these were some of our favorites).

They also had a little area of kid rides.

Hudson wanted to walk for most of the Zoo.

Austin feeding some Goats

After the Zoo, we drove around trying to find me some new sunglasses because mine broke as we were getting in the car to leave the Zoo. After that adventure we went to Bahama Bobs for lunch and ice cream.

The food here was really good and we finally got smart on how to keep the boys happy while waiting on our food.....Let them eat there ice cream before there food. We probably will not do this once we get back home, but for now we are on vacation and making sure we all are happy.

After lunch we headed back to the condo for naps. After nap time Austin wanted nothing to do with going to the pool or the beach so we decided to take the boys to the outlets that are near by. Below Austin is showing us how he is a cool cat with his glasses on while we wait on the elevator.

Here are my other two cool cats

The outlets ended up being a good idea. There was a nice breeze and we pushed the boys around for a long time and just checked things out. We only got one thing while we were there and it was for Austin since he has been so good on our vacation. I bet you will never guess what he got....... Another trash truck. Here he is playing with it on the way home.

These two boys were too funny on the drive back to the condo talking and making noises back and forth at one another.

We decided to just order pizza from a local place here and have it delivered to the condo. It was super yummy. After dinner Austin was still not to interested in going to the beach or pool again, so we just hung out in the room. So now water for us today. Another good day though!

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