Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Austin's thoughts on dinner tonight

I really was not in the mood to cook up a 5 star dinner tonight, but there were 3 guys that I knew were going to be wanting something in there tummy's. So I cooked up some tortellini with Alfredo sauce and threw in a little fresh spinach and made some frozen corn. Imagine my surprise when Austin says "Mommy, this food is DELICIOUS!" He usually doesn't even touch his dinner and about 45 mins after we get done he ask for soft cereal (oatmeal). I really needed a sweet comment like that from my little man today!

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Josh and Outing said...

Woo! Way to whip it together! You are like a REAL chef!! I can never just whip something together. Must have it planned out or we are eating pb&j's!