Thursday, March 31, 2011

Below are some photos from my cell phone from the last 2 or 3 weeks. Hudson is getting so big and is walking every where now. Austin is sleeping on the sofa again in the playroom because he is "sad" in his room
Hudson has been putting some miles on his new car when its nice outside
Hudson hanging out with his girl Zoe
For a few nights Austin wanted Bernie to sleep with him

Austin asked if he could bring a few cars into my office one day while I was working, I had no idea he ment a few hundred of his cars.

National potato chip day play date

Our moms group had a park play date last week to celebrate national potato chip day (yes, that's a real celebration). Austin loved it because he got to see his buddy Jeryn. Hudson on the other hand was not too happy. It was too close to his nap time so I ended up pushing him around in the stroller trying to get him to stop screaming long enough to fall asleep (which didn't happen).

Austin's play date with his best buddy

Austin had his spring break last week so we decided to have is bestest buddy Dawson over for a play date. Austin was so excited that Dawson was coming to his house that he looked out the window for him and his mommy's car for 30 mins. before they got here. He took a quick break from looking out to smile for me.
When Dawson the boys started the play date out with a quick jam session.
Austin showed Dawson how to rock out
After there time as rock stars they played cars for a little while (Austin even let his friend play with his beloved trash trucks~he must really like this kid). Then we moved on to snack time so I tried to snap a few photos of the boys while they were still.

How cute are they?
After snack they had to get busy playing with the trains. They decided to move some of the trains and train tracks from Austin's room to the playroom-so the constructed a new little set up.
Then is was time to break out Aphie and see what they could learn
The boys both had so much fun and loved playing together. When Dawson's mom came to pick him up he did not want to leave.

A basketball banquet that didnt happen...

Austin wrapped up his basketball season at the YMCA on Monday night (3/28/11) and I can honestly say that the banquet was about the same as his season. The banquet was suppose to take place at 5:30pm at our local Chick-fil-a when I showed up at 5:15 I was told by the youth sports coordinator that our banquet was actually at 5pm even though we were told it was at 5:30. There was only one other player there at the time. Needless to say this Mommy was not very happy. We were given our trophy and sent on our way. I am so thankful that Austin was not really old enough to know what he missed out on. SO daddy and I took Austin to TGI Fridays for a burger and fries followed by some ice cream with sprinkles (which is his current all time favorite). We tried to make it as special as we could for him.

it was one of those kind of days...

Do you notice anything out of the ordinary in the photo below? Take your time and look closely.... Here is another view-this one is a little more of a close up of the out of the ordinary item...

I opened my washer to throw the clothes into the dryer only to find a nice blue balloon had been washed with my towels. Another one of the joys of being a mommy, wife & house keeper~you never know what you will find.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Our Rock Band

These little guys love jaming together and Austin has to have mommy sing durring the jam session. Oh, thank goodness no one can hear us (well me mainly).

Let them eat pizza

Recently Austin has been all about having picnics in the playroom on the "spot blanket". So we can be found a few nights of the week now looking like the photo below.
Recently on one of our picnics we let Hudson have pizza for the first time. Of course, being the crazy mom that I am I cut his pizza in to itty bitty pieces. Well, when he thought no one was looking this is what he did.....
Notice you can see his plate right beside him with his pizza cut into nice little pieces-but apparently they were not good enough for him.

Look at him trying to figure out what to do with this big ol slice

Wild man

Now that Hudson is walking he thinks he is part monkey. He climbs in, on and over everything.
He is always so proud of himself-its like he climbed over a mountain

He is a wild man these days, I can only imagine how crazy he and Austin will be together as they get a little older.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Silly Boy

Hudson is really loving to explore everything recently and try to do things like his big brother does. Below he has discovered a green circle that is part of his shopping cart (which can be seen in the background). But apparently its not enough fun to use it in the shopping cart-he has to put it in his mouth and over his nose to really have fun with it.
Although he has that deer in the headlights look in the photo below he really does find himself so proud of this new skill he seems to have mastered.
Apparently, he feels he has mastered holding it in his mouth and nose that he now needs a greater challenge like trying to put a bottle in his mouth at the same time. Silly Boy
He also loves putting things on his head and for once its actually something that belongs there. This is a hat that Austin received from his grandparents after a trip.
Look at that face and holding his hand up like "Ta-Da"! Silly Boy

Friday, March 18, 2011

1st soccer practice

Austin had his first soccer practice tonight and he seemed to have fun. It looks like we have a great coach this time and parents that are excited about there kids playing and want to be involved. Below coach Jessie is teaching Austin to play Austin scores his first GOAL!!!!
Running around and having fun!

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Home Depot-Kids Build

Austin and Brad have started attending the kids Build & Grow events at Home Depot (and the ones at Lowes) together on Saturday mornings. Austin looks so cute in his little orange apron holding a hammer. This project was a race car which Austin was so excited about.
Putting the glue on just right.
Can you believe they give these kids real hammers?

Making sure everything is hammered in place just right
Austin makes sure to watch every thing that daddy does to make sure he does it right
Here is Austin and Daddy showing off the finished product and there certificate! I think they both really enjoy these Saturday mornings together.
These events are 100% free to take your kids to! They are great for dads, grandpas or any special guys to take little guys to for some bonding time.