Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The last two weeks

We have not really been doing a whole lot the last week or two since it has been raining so much. I have been trying to be creative and come up with things to do with the boys. One day Austin and I made a car wash for his hot wheels. He seemed to love it!
The boys are continuing to become more like friends every day. They love playing together!

We had a family cookout this past weekend and Hudson was a cool cat sporting a Mohawk in his hair

I made some pancakes one morning for the boys and Austin's were in the shape of a trash truck (He loves trash trucks!)

Apparently I didn't give Hudson enough food this day-he was having to lick his plate for crumbs.

Austin loves wearing his sun glasses when we are in the car. He says "Mommy, I'm a cool cat!"

Hudson has a thing about always having at least one shoe on. He has also been into having hats on as well. He likes for them to be covering his eyes though.

Hudson being Mr. Hollywood!

Austin giving Hudson a little push!

Not only are the boys becoming better friends but they are also becoming partners in crime. The other day I went down stairs to get them a juice and was gone less than one min. When I came back upstairs into the playroom, they were both in my desk chair and had opened the laptop and were just banging away on the keys. Hudson had never climbed into the chair like this before and Austin knows better. Of course I say, "What are you boys thinking? Austin you know better." Austin looks at me an replies "Mommy, we had to check our email". Did my three year old really just say he was checking his email. Looks like I am going to have my hands full with these two boys!