Thursday, September 24, 2009

Blog facelift

So since I have time on my hands while I am just sitting around I decided it was time for our blog to get a little face lift. I created my own custom header which I am excited about. I will probably change the whole thing 50 times before I am happy.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Bedrest.... Is no fun

Well this past week my back started hurting-thanks to my sciatic nerve (have to love this part of pregnancy). Well for 2 or 3 days I was able to manage the pain and just deal with it-that is until Sat. Brad went to run some errands and I went to get off the sofa upstairs to put Austin down for a nap and that's when I realized something was wrong. I managed to get Austin in his room and get him down for a nap, then I had to crawl like a baby downstairs. All I wanted to do was lay down in my bed and relax. Well when I got into our room and tried to lift my leg to get in the bed it wasn't happening. I couldn't move or walk-when Brad got home he found me laying in our bedroom floor crying. It took us about 10 mins for Brad to help me into bed, then we called the Dr on call at my OBGYN office. They called us back right away and went over everything with us and said that the only thing I could do was stay in the bed for the next 3-4 days. That's right bed rest & I am only 17 weeks pregnant. How is this suppose to work when I have a 2 year old? Well I have spent the last 3 days in the bed resting and I am so over it. This morning I tried to get up and take care of a few things around the house and needless to say I am back in the bed with my back hurting. Brad has to go back to work tomorrow so I am praying that my back will be better enough for me to take care of the house and Austin.

Its a.......BOY

We cheated this pregnancy and had a 3/4d ultrasound at 15 weeks to find out the baby's sex. And its another boy, we are so excited that Austin will have a little brother to grow up with.

Clifford The Big Red Dog

Recently Austin has really got into anything that involves dogs. He walks around "barking" all of the time. Which was cute at first, but some times he does it more than he talks. Well he has really started enjoying watching Clifford The Big Red Dog. So when we found out Clifford was coming to story time at our local Barns & Noble we knew we had to take Austin to meet him.

Austin was so cute waiting on Clifford to arrive
He was in heaven when he discovered the Elmo display

Once other fans started arriving Austin was sure they were all there to see him. He was dancing around on the stage being a little ham.

9/8/09 1st day of school

Austin started back to school on September 8th (actually a Mothers Day Out program). We moved him to a new school this year that is closer to our house since we will be having the new baby this year. Austin has been in the program now for 2 weeks and he is starting to adjust a little bit more each day. It has been a rough start for him with separation anxiety but it is getting better. Daddy was in charge of taking pictures the first day of school so these are the only photos we have.

Too cute

The other morning we went to put some long pants on Austin since it was a little cool outside. Well the first pair was about 2 inches too short so we broke out the next size up and this is what we got. He looked so cute I had to get some photos.

Helpping Mommy at work

As many of you know I work from home which is both good and bad. Every day is "mommy take your son to work day" at my house. Most days Austin is very good and will let me work while he plays with his cars or reads his books. But on this day Austin decided he really needed to help mommy with her work. He looks so darn cute I had to take some photos.

Play Date fun with Gavin

I watched my friend Jenn's boys one afternoon and boy did they have fun. They found all kinds of things to get into.

Austin finds a new way to watch tv

Recently Austin has found a new way to watch tv at home. He likes to lay with his back against the sofa and his legs propted up on the coffee table. He is too funny.

He also has discovered that he can sit on top of the table to play

He also love climbing on the recliner and jumping off the arm of it onto the sofa.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Fall is coming...

The above photo was found here
Now that the days are getting a little cooler outside I cant help but want to start my fall decorating. I came across the above photo here today and I must say it is too cute.