Thursday, September 23, 2010

Week of 9/20-9/24/10

We did not receive a daily progress report from school on 9/21/10 so I am not sure what Austin did. His teacher Mrs. Carmen was out that day-so my guess would be the sub. teacher just tried to keep up with (6) 2-3 year olds.

On Thur. 9/23/10 Austin had a big day at school. A little girl in his class celebrated her birthday and brought cupcakes to share with the class! They also had riding toy day and water day outside. Mommy almost forgot the riding car (Austin would have been so upset), but we made it there with the car (and it managed to stay in my car another week after). There was no artwork sent home this week and since I like to include photos with each post I am sure the below photo is what Austin looked like with his beloved red car at school.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

7 Month Old

No, you didn't miss the 6 month post-I still have not posted it yet. Sorry~!

You are now seven months old and getting bigger every day. You are still the happiest baby ever! You are sleeping through the night still for the most part, although every now and then you will wake up and want your Mommy. You have stopped nursing as much and are now down to just a few times a day. But you are loving the solids-so far you have had: peas, green beans, sweet potatoes, corn, carrots, apples, bananas and oatmeal with bananas as well as rice cereal. I let you have a little bite of our dinner one night (crispy potato chip and chicken casserole) and you loved it. You had your first bottle with formula in it on the way back from the beach, but you have only had a couple of them since then. You have started drinking water out of a sippy cup. You still have not got any teeth yet, but you have one trying to work its way through now. You are wearing 6 month clothes and a few 6-9 month items. You have also just graduated into size 3 diapers. You love it when Mommy sings to you-your little face lights up. You roll everywhere. You are not crawling yet but you still get from one place to another.
You love your big brother Austin and love to watch him play. You have also discovered Austin's toys which he is not always too happy about.

Week of 9/13/10-9/19/10

Another week down! Austin had a great second week of school, he loves it and is getting so smart.
This week they learned the following:
Tuesday 9/14/10: song Jesus loves me, Numbers- 1 to 5, Color-Green, Lesson: work with your hands; I thank God; we work together;help one another, Shape- square
They also did the below artwork!
9/16/10: Song- Head shoulders, knees and toes, numbers-1 to 5, color-green, lesson-God gave us our ears to hear; sing praises to God;be glad and sing happy songs, shape-square.
There was no artwork sent home today so no photo to show for today. I have been trying to work on singing "Head, shoulders, knees and toes" with Austin but every time I do he starts cracking up and will not participate. Oh, well at least I try right?

Austin has been quite the big helper recently with "BoBo", he has been giving him toys to play with, holding his bottle for him, giving mommy diapers and throwing the dirty ones away. When ever Hudson cry's Austin will ask "Whats wrong BoBo, why you cry?", its so sweet. He has also started wanting to hold Hudson more. The photos below were taken 9/17/10

Hudson had a big first this week..... 9/17/10 he started siting up by himself for longer periods of time. Before he would try to balance but within a min. he would fall over, but now he will sit there for extended periods of time.

On Friday the boys started a band, we have not decided on a name yet, but they play many different toddler toons! Austin plays the drums while Hudson rocks out the keyboard (he also does a little clapping from time to time). Mommy or Daddy pick up on the vocals for the band-so far our best song is "ABC's".

Hudson can clap

Hudson learned how to clap his hands together on 9/20/10. He is so proud of himself! You can say "yeah baby" and he will smile so big and clap his little hands together.

Peek-a-bo baby

Hudson has learned a new trick... He has discovered that he can pull down the side of his bumper to see whats going on in the world outside of his crib. He gets so excited when someone walks into his room to get him-his little legs start kicking and he quickly rolls over to the side of his crib to pull down the bumper to see who is coming to see him.

I am so lucky to get to wake up to this sweet little face every morning!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Last day of Summer

Today was the last offical day of Summer for this year, although it was still in the upper 90's here today. We started the day off with some Mega Blocks. Austin built his own little block town as you can see below.

Later in the day after it cooled off some we went outside to spend some family time together. Austin found a little furry catipilar that we named "Catty" and now he lives in our garage in an old bowl of tupperware. Hopefully he will survive and we can watch him turn into a butterfly.
Catty in his new home
Hudson has found a new love for books. He loves chewing on them!

Austin enjoying a nice pudding cup
Look at those eyes!(this is an unedited photo right out of the camera)

Friday, September 17, 2010

High School FootBall

Tonight I attend my first high school football game as an adult. Ten years ago I could be found every night at my high school football game, but I have not been to one since I graduated. Well tonight I attended my local high schools game (homecoming game) and man did I feel old. I come rolling up in my SUV (at least it wasn't a mini van-yet anyways) with my husband, my two kids and my father-in-law. It was so different to attend a game as an adult and a parent. The kids looked so young-did we look that young?

Below is a photo of me and my best friend Laura on game day. You can see we are sporting our "Senior Princess" shirts along with our burger king crowns (we were so cool)!
Below is another picture from game day with another one of my best friends!
Fast forward 10 years and below you will see me with my little family attending our game tonight.
Yes, I had my baby strapped to my chest.
Here is my almost 3 year old "drinking at the game".
We made it until half way through the 2ND quarter and then the boys were ready to go.
On our way out Austin spotted the fire trucks, so we took him over to check them out. Our local firemen were nice enough to let Austin sit in the trucks and check them out.
The below photo is a truck like Austin is sitting in -in the photo above. Austin politely asked the fireman for the keys.
Here he is checking out the big fire truck

Over all it was a great way to spend a Friday night with my family, even if it made me realize just how old I am getting to be.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

First Week of School

Austin started back to school last week (Mothers Day out program). We lucked out and his teacher Mrs. Carmen was able to move up with the class. Austin was so excited with his new Cars lunch box and his Woody & Buzz backpack.
Below is a photo of Austin and Mrs. Carmen on the 1st day.

Look at those curls!

He was so tired after school, he feel asleep on the sofa.
I am going to try something new this year and try to take a photo of each of his projects he brings home from school and post a weekly blog about what he did and learned at school.

9/7/10: there song was "Jesus Loves Me", color was green, numbers 1-5 and the lesson was: be healthy and strong by eating our veggies and drinking water. Saying thank you to God. I am special and no one else is exactly like me. They also got to know there new friends in class.

Austin did so good on his first day. Mrs. Carmen said he had a great day and enjoyed painting and singing.

9/9/10: song "Jesus Loves You", color green, numbers 1-5, lesson: everything God made is beautiful. God gave us eyes to see. God makes everything. He made you and me.

Mrs. Carmen said he was quite the"wild man" today. He love singing and art again today.
Below is his art work which is a leaf print.