Friday, October 23, 2009

Planting Mums 9/30/09

I was sure I had come up with the perfect fun little project to do with Austin. Since we are heading into Fall I was ready to plant some Mums for out front. We went to the store and got some pretty Mums to plant (which Austin helped me pick out), we then headed home for a little nap before our planting adventure. There is a new home being built across the street from us & Austin has been very interested in the building and all the processes it is going thru. Well on the afternoon of our Mum project they just had to have a few dump trucks come and drop off dirt. Austin is in love with trucks right now, so of course he could careless about helping me and my wonderful project.

9/29/09 headed to school

Above are a few photos I took one morning before school. Austin had his little lunch box & was ready for school. Of course Bernie needed to inspect the bag to make sure there was some yummy stuff in there for his brother.