Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Gulf Shores Family Vacation Day 5:water, Ft. Morgan & Build a Bear

We started out the day at the beach and pool again today! Daddy got a little mixed up with the boys swim suits and managed to put Hudson in Austin's swim suit, and it actually fit him.
Daddy helped the boys play in the sand

Look at this face! These smiles is what our vacation was all about.

I had a great plan to get our last name and year along with our foot prints in the sand, but never got the foot prints

Austin loved driving his trucks in the sand

After a little while at the beach we headed back up to the pool. Hudson actually got in the pool for a few mins. and tried to play.

Austin loved the fountains the pool had

Hudson was only content in the pool for a few mins. then we (Daddy) were back to chasing him around the pool deck

We headed up to the room for naps and showers and then headed to Ft. Morgan. The highlight of the trip for Austin was us getting behind the trash truck.

When we got to Ft. Morgan Brad and I were really surprised, it was a really cool place.

We tried to take the stroller for Hudson but once again Mr. Independent had to walk by himself.

There were lots of cool tunnels and rooms at the Ft.

Austin had fun exploring everything. You can see the rails where there used to be a trolley that would carry things around the Ft.

There was a lot of the Ft. that we were not able to see since Hudson wanted no part of the stroller or us holding him. On the way out Austin wanted to get his photo taken with the big cannon which he called a "para scope" (like a pirate would look through).

The Ft. was a really cool place to visit with lots of history and room for the boys to run and explore. We would like to go back in a few years when the boys are a little older so we can really check it all out.

You could also see some of the oil rigs off the coast from the Ft.

We stopped and got some food on the way back to the condo and the boys took naps in the room. After the naps we headed to The Wharf which was a really cool outdoor mall area.

When we arrived at The Wharf Austin decided he wanted to ride the Ferris wheel and Daddy thought that it would be a good idea. Mommy on the other hand vetoed that idea really fast. Maybe in a few years when my boy is a little older.

Our main reason for visiting The Wharf was to take the boys to Build A Bear.

Austin picked out a bear and Hudson picked out a puppy and we were off to build our new furry friends. Here Austin is pushing the pedal with his foot to stuff his bear-he also stuffed Hudson's bear for him.

Austin added a thing to make his bear talk. Then he picked out a heart for his bear and one for BoBo's.

They had him do a few things with the hearts and he kissed them both before they were put into the bears.

Hudson had a BLAST running around and checking everything out in the store. We ended up helping him pick out an outfit for his dog because he could not decide on one.

Now came Austin's favorite part of the whole process. He got to wash his bear! He loved this!

He loved washing the bears so much that he helped Hudson was his bear too.

Here is Brad being "Super Dad" holding Hudson while holding Austin's hand and pulling it all off looking good sporting a sippy cup in his pocket.

We custom designed an outfit for Austin's bear which was designed to be a trash man outfit. Austin named his bear "Trash Truck Bear".

Hudson named his doggy "Sparky" or maybe we named him that. He got a cool outfit which I don't have photos of. Huddy loves throwing Sparky and making him fly.

On the way back to the condo we stopped at Brewster's for some ice cream and milk shakes. Mommy was so excited to go here since we don't have them in Tn but did in GA so she knows how yummy it is. We place our order at the drive thru and pulled up to the window-where Brad handed the guy working the money (the worker never said a word). So Austin says "why him not talking to us?" To which Brad replied "he might be having a bad day". When the guy came back to the window he handed Brad a cup of ice cream and said "here's your small ice cream" and Austin yells so excited "him talking to us, him talking to us"! I am sure that the worker had to hear him. It was too funny.
After our ice cream we all decided to relax a little. Here is Brad playing his video game while Austin watches "trash trucks" on Brads phone. Notice Austin put his hat on while he was relaxing.

Over all we had another fun day and managed to survive with out any real injuries other than a little mishap with the balcony door which we will not say anything else about. LOL!

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