Sunday, November 30, 2008

Check out my new shoes

Brad and I took our little man to the children's shoe store today to get his first pair of walking shoes. He has not started walking just yet (but he wants to soooo bad). We have been told that the walking shoes can help him to walk even sooner. So to the store we went. As you can see in the photos below Austin got a new pair of shoes. Its like he took on a new personality when he put them on. He was so much fun tonight.

Here he is checking out his new shoes

Another view of his new shoes
He started pulling up and walking behind this toy all on his own tonight. Before then we would have to coach him to push it.

One of Austin new favorite things to do... Open and close drawers. thankfully he is putting in his own toys to take out.

Below Austin is helping me plan dinners for next week and read the sales ads. He loves to take them all off the table and stroll them around the floor.

Trying to get Daddy's hat. Once he would get it, he would put it on his own head. Too cute.

My World!

Happy Thanksgiving

The Robison's celebrated Thanksgiving on Sat. Nov. 29th. We all went over to Mark and Debbie's for a yummy feast and some fun. It was cute to see all of the kids playing together.

Looks like Austin is Thankful for Elmo this year.
Grandma & Austin playing Jack & Jill. The game has evolved so much since the first time they played it.
The newest addition baby Zoey. What a little princess!
Mama Chelsey & Calexe (I know I messed up the spelling~ sorry Chelsey)
Grandma letting Austin play with her new cell phone.
Grandma wants to know "how old is Austins?"
My happy family
Me just chillin in the floor with the babies
Caelex loved giving Austin love
Look at this little cutie
Austin holding Zoey. He doesn't look too sure about it and Zoey looks scared (I think Zoey & I both had the same look on our faces)
The grand kids & great grand kids

Cameren & Zoey (she is such a good Aunt)
"Hello is anyone there?" Austin was too funny he was putting everything up to his ear like a phone.
The boys playing
Looks like Caelex is thankful for his or his sisters blanket.

Say hello to my little friend...

Brad and I dropped Austin off with Grandma & Grandpa and went shopping Friday Morning for Black Friday. For some reason when we go shopping we always end up coming home with stuff for us. Well, this time we got a new camera. We got a new Cannon D-SLR. we have been looking at them for a while but this time we actually bought it. So below are a few pictures we took with it

Bernie (he is in need of a hair cut)
Austin loves his Elmo's



Monday, November 24, 2008

Christmas Tree oh Christmas Tree

So after a little persuasion I was able to get Brad to help me get all the Christmas stuff out of the attic last night. I am so excited to decorate for the holidays this year. Its our first Christmas in our new home and Austin should be so much fun during the holidays this year since he is bigger. We cant decide where to put the tree at. Either in the family room downstairs where Chloe can get into it or in the bonus room (where we spend the most time) where Austin can get in it. I am also still trying to decide where to put everything else at. So stay tuned for photos in the next week or so.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Let's go Titans!

It looks like our winning streak came to an end today. Our Titans lost, but we are still proud of them. The last few weeks every Sunday Austin gets to wear his Titan's jersey and watch the game with us or Grandma & Grandpa Robison.

Are you ready for some football?
"Did the other team just score again? I cant watch anymore"

Play date with Jackson and Gavin

It seemed like every time Jenn and I would get together it would be either Austin or Gavin's nap time, so they were never able to really play much together. This day they were both up at the same time and ready for some fun. It was so cute watching the 3 of them play together.

I love this one.

Look at Austin and Gavin watching Jackson.

Just thought I would let you know that Austin had water on his pants.

Hey Mom is there something on my face?

The photos below are from November 6th. Austin was having some bananas & Cheerios for snack, needless to say it looks like he must have got some bananas on his nose which helped his Cheerios stick to it. He was too funny with it on his nose. He was clapping and being crazy.


So, Austin made me cry tonight. He has been saying "Dada and Daddy" for a while now. He has said "mama and nana" a few times. But tonight her said "Mama, mama, mama" at least 10 times. It made me melt. I am soooooo happy!
Below are a few photos I took earlier this week before our play date.