Saturday, June 18, 2011

Thats what Grandparents are for

We stopped by Brad parents house for a little while today so the boys could visit and play. While they were there they had all kinds of fun. Hudson got to have a juice box which he is not used to. He was trying to figure out the straw. He got it out again!

Next came the real fun for little Huddy! Grandpa gave him a whole Oreo cookie to eat. Normally I am "that mom" who still tears her kids food into a million pieces so he does not have much experience with a whole cookie.

Hudson grabbed his cookie and took off like he was trying to make sure I didn't see him with it. At first he did really good and was just chewing on it.

"I don't have anything mom!"

Then he hoped into the firetruck and shoved the whole thing in his mouth (that's why I still cut everything up).

Look at my little cookie monsters face

Austin was busy cutting the grass for grandma & grandpa!

I guess that's why kids are so crazy about there grandparents! They spoil them and let them do what ever they want. But its OK for them to be spoiled every once and a while

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