Thursday, June 16, 2011

Hudson has some more 1st today

Tonight while I was cooking dinner I decided I would try the portable high chair at the table for Hudson to sit in. Normally he still sits in his high chair and we just pull it up to the table. He LOVED being at the table like a big boy.
The dogs also liked him being at the table as well. Now they had both the kids at the table dropping stuff for them on the floor for the to get.

Austin also loved his BoBo being at the table with us. While we were eating Hudson starts jabbering away saying something. Once he finished Austin looks at him and says "you got that right BoBo". This kid cracks us up, he is always saying something to make us laugh.

After dinner we headed out side to let the boys burn off some energy. While we were out there Hudson decided to climb up to the top of the play set by himself for the first time.

Can forget the fur babies!

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