Monday, June 28, 2010

Duluth Town Green

Recently on a trip back home to the ATL we visited the park where Brad and I got married. I have to say that the park is even more amazing today than it was when we got married. The park has grown so much and the buildings are just amazing.

Below is a photo of us on our wedding day 6/5/04
Here we are on the same spot with our happy family 6/27/10

Austin had fun running around the park and checking everything out
How amazing is that...There is a fountain that comes on right on this big concrete area
Grandma-ma with Austin and our Bernie
The new City Hall building. I would love to have time to go here and take some photos of the buildings and of the kids here.
Hudson just hanging out under the trees
Curtis and Hudson
The love of my life being silly
This park is truly amazing these days, if I was a photographer or lived in the area still I would be there taking photos all the time. Needless to say we will be making some trips to the park in our future visits to take more family photos (who knows maybe I will even get a photographer to meet us there).

On a side note: Do you remember "The Run Away Bride" from a few years ago??? Well this park is where all the media camped out when she ran from her bride.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

The Hooper's Gender Reveal Party

We went to Atlanta for the weekend to visit my parents and to attend a very special party. My BFF from high school Laura was having a gender reveal party to celebrate her second child. Laura and her hubby CJ went earlier in the day and had an ultrasound to find out the babies sex. They then took the results (which they did not know) to the bakery who baked them a cake. The inside of the cake was going to be either blue or pink. So when they cut into the cake they would find out if they were having a little boy or another little girl. They party was such a great idea. If we have a 3rd child I would love to have a party like this.

The cake
Kati and I
Me and Laura -the mommy to be
Austin & Jackson (a friend of mine from colleges son) playing with all of Ava's toys
Ava the future big sister
Hudson and Oliver (a friend of mine from high schools son) having a little play date
Team Boy
Team Girl
Cutting into the cake. Pink or is it blue....
She knew it...
Laura showing off that its another baby girl!

Atlanta Trip-Dozer fun with Papa

We went to Atlanta to visit Grandma-ma & Papa and when we got there Papa had a big surprise waiting on Austin. My parents had got there lawn redone and Papa talked the guy who did the work into leaving his bulldozer over the weekend along with the key so he could take Austin for a ride. I am not sure who had more fun-Austin or Papa. They both had smiles from ear to ear.

Curtis (my cousin) had to jump in for a quick picture too.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

This little piggies..

Hudson discovered his toes and feet today,. They have not made it all the way to his mouth yet, but he defiantly likes holding on to them.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Fathers Day gifts a day early

We started celebrating Fathers Day a day early by having Grandma & Grandpa over for a cookout. Austin decided to go ahead and give Daddy & Grandpa both there gifts a day early

Fathers Day

Austin and Hudson started off by letting Brad sleep in until 9am (which is very late around our house).Then Austin made Daddy some very special pancakes for breakfast "Green Dinosaur Pancakes"! Austin was too cute cooking them for his Daddy.

After our breakfast we went shopping as a family and had a nice lunch out. Then we went over to Grandma & Grandpa's house to play outside for a little while.

Fathers Day Crafts

Boy were my boys busy making things for there Daddy & Grandpa's for Fathers Day this year. Austin spent hours (literally) painting and making things for them. Here are some pictures of him in action as well as of the finished master pieces.

Hudson working hard too!
Notice that he has 2 paint brushes one in each hand. He was a trip he would paint some and then throw his hands up and say "ta-da"!
What would Fathers Day be without a tie for Dad?
Since our "Daddy" is so super we had to make him a "Super Daddy" cape
Austin made Dad and his Papa's custom made hammers.

The orange print is Hudson's finger print and the aqua one is Austin's
This is a collage we made for his #1 Dad frame on his desk!