Sunday, October 31, 2010

Pumpkin Carving WIth The Boys

We were going to carve our pumpkin earlier in the week but since it gets dark so early now we decided to wait until the weekend so we could carve it outside. So Sunday afternoon after nap time we took the boys outside and got to carving. It was the first time Austin had carved a pumpkin or seen one carved, he was not too sure what to think about it. He is very funny about getting his hands dirty so he really was not too interested in helping "gut" the pumpkin. Both boys seemed to enjoy watching Daddy carve!

Austin ended up getting getting a hold of the sharpie and making a face on the pumpkin. At first I started to freak out about it-but I stopped and realized that it was after all the boys pumpkin so he could draw all over it if he wanted to~and that's just what he did.

Once all the carving was done Austin decided the pumpkin needed some hair so he grabbed the sharpie again and got right to work. Hudson was very egar to hold the pumpkin for Austin and help in any way he could.
Austin has become very possessive of his toys and stuff, as you can see of the photo of him with "his pumpkin" he is holding on for dear life.

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Trinity Trunk or Treat 10/30/10

We really decided to celebrate Halloween and the Fall this year. I think we hit up every festival in town, just so the boys could wear there super cute costumes. Today we attended Grandma and Grandpa's churches Trunk or Treat and the boys had a blast. They had all kinds of activities for the kids to participate in.
Woody had to take a much needed snack break and enjoy some nice orange Cheetos's (he must get his love for those from his Great Grandma Betty)
Grandma drove Huddy around the festival
while sporting her super cute spider head band.
Grandpa, Daddy and Austin gathered around the camp fire to roast some hot dogs on the open fire. Notice Austin made sure they were doing it just right.
Hudson was giving Mommy some lovin!
Our attempt at a family photo-notice we are missing Austin. We never seem to be able to get all four of us in the same picture.
I helped Austin up the big inflatable slide only for him to leave me behind at the top-so I had to go down alone and I am sure other people who had not seen me go up with a child thought I was the crazy lady on the kids slide.
Here is Austin saying "Trunk or Treat" and getting more much needed candy
The first stop here today on our trunk or treating adventure Austin was introduced to a wonderful new candy. You have to understand that besides M&M's my child does not really eat candy not even suckers. But here he was being introduced to pixie sticks-basically sugar in a straw and he "LOVED IT". He could not get it out of the straw fast enough.
They had a cute little craft station set up and Austin and I made this cute little gourd man
Austin did not like to keep his hat on too much but I was able to actually snap a picture of him looking all "Woody-fied"
Here is my sweet Hudson dressed in his super cute spider costume-look at those eyes. This is with no editing done on the photo on his eyes. I think they might get him in trouble in a few years...
Grandpa and Woody eating Austin's cupcake creation. These two really have a special bond-I am so thankful that they have so much fun together,
Austin is making his yummy cupcake. Notice there is not too much icing on there-he must not be making it for Mommy or Aunt Pam. lol.
Hudson showing of his cuteness
Woody as we arrived at the festival. Yes I know the photos are out of order-thanks blogger.

Over all I think we all had fun and the boys got to show the world how cute they are in there costumes again!

Hudson-8 months

Hudson was not too into our monthly photo sessions today as you can see in the photos below. But keeping with the tradition of taking his monthly photo in the same location I still snapped away and am posting photos of my crying baby.

weight: 19 lbs 12 oz
diapers size 3
clothes size 6-9 months
*no teeth

*talking- says "DaDa, Daddy, hey", still no Mommy
*mobility- doing the army crawl and into everything, especially his brothers toys (which Austin doesn't enjoy too much)
*sleeping-sleeps all night from 7:30ish -6:30ish every now and then will wake up at night but sleeps through most nights; naps-still taking his early morning nap around 7:30 or 8am for around 30 mins to and hour, 11ish until around 1pm and some days he will take another little nap around 4pm for about an hour
*has really started discovering toys-loves trying to eat books, playing with a ball. Loves phones but only real ones both the house phone and cell phones-also loves the computer and starting to become more interested in the TV
*loves his brother- it is so cute to watch the boys actually interact now, in the car they will watch each other and Austin will entertain Hudson. Austin puts on a show for Hudson all the time and Hudson just watches and laughs while his little eyes light up with joy
*food- has started getting a few bottles of formula here and there when we are out and about, but still doing good with the nursing although now he is more of a sipper than a drinker-he can not stand not to be involved in the action or miss something while he is nursing (must get that from his Papa) so he will eat a min. and then try to sit up and make sure he is not missing anything. He also has started eating a lot more solids-we have done most of the fruits and veggies and have started having the mixed baby foods, also has started having a few finger foods-puffs, corn, cut up carrots
Hudson is still my happy boy-Austin's teacher Mrs. Carmen jokes around that he is "false advertisement" because most babies are not as happy or good as he is.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Hudson has a tooth

So this little cute thing woke up with something new this morning......
His first tooth!!! It is on the bottom in the middle and had been a long time in the making.
I feel like Hudson has been teething for months but each day I would check for a little pearly white poking through and there would be nothing. However, today when he woke up he was making funny faces and doing something different with his mouth/tounge. So after cracking up and thinking how my baby was such a silly boy-it dawned on me that he might have finally gotten a tooth. So I checked and sure enough there it was just starting to poke through.
Once again Hudson handled it like a champ, I have never seen such a good and happy baby in my life. He had been sick all week and fussed just a little bit which I figured was because he was sick but no he was in fact sick and cutting his first tooth and was still happy!
I tried to take pictures of the funny faces he was making but the pictures just do not show how funny they really were.
The above photo was taken later in the day, Hudson likes to pull the arches of his play mats off and play with them. Today was no different except Mommy had the camera and Hudson some how ended up with the arch on his back and was trying to crawl around with it this way.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Tough times...

Our economy has everyone looking for ways to cut back and save money. I have been clipping my coupons and really trying to save recently. Today Hudson decided things were getting serious and that he needed to start helping too. As you can see he is searching the grocery ad at the store for the best deals. Apparently he thought times were really tough because about 2 seconds after this picture was snapped he began eating the ad. Guess there were no good deals on him baby food today.
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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Look whats outside our window

Austin did not have school today which was probably a good thing because both boys are sick (we think with the flu). We decided to spend the day in our PJ's. Around 9am something amazing happened outside our window (or at least amazing in Austin's mind).

In the words of Austin "Mommy, tractors outside". It looked like they were working on some pipes or under ground utilities across the street from our house. They spent most of the week outside working.
Austin spent most of the day sitting like this:
He was so amazed with the bulldozer aka "tractor" and dump truck working all day.
As you can see the boys enjoyed just laying around doing nothing all day.

OUr 4 legged Fur Babies

Since we have had kids it seems that our first born children have taken the backseat to our lives. We used to treat our dogs like they were our children, now we just try to remember to feed them most days. Its not that we don't love them just the same as we did before we had kids, its just life is so much busier these days. So here is a post devoted just to our fur babies!

Chloe Marie: she is our Boxer who will be 5 years old in December. When we got her she had so much energy and everyone told us if you can make it through the first year she will calm down, then it was the 2nd year then the third. Well she is now almost 5 years old and still as crazy as the day we brought her home. She has calmed down some, but she still has so much energy. She now spends a lot of her days laying on the red sofa in our family room down stairs. She was never allowed on the sofas before we had kids, however now that we have two I hardly notice her laying on it. She used to sleep in our bed at night however since Hudson was born she is not allowed in our bedroom anymore. Chloe loves playing outside when the weather is not too hot or too cold or raining, you might say she is a bit of a diva. She loves chasing birds and flys around outside-she has brought me a few birds and even a humming bird before that she has caught. She is such a loving dog and very smart. Yes, our dog seems to be a genius, she knows how to open doors (we had to change half our doorknobs in our house so she could not open doors as she pleases. She also knows how to get ice or water out of the door of our freezer-she often uses the ice as her bell or signal to us that she wants to go outside.
Bernie Mack: he was our first fur Baby, we got him before we were ever married. He turned 7 years old this Easter. He is a little old man dog but still has some spunk in him. He loves running around outside chasing Chloe. He spends most of his days laying on Chloe's big bed that she doesn't use or looking out our dining room window. He loves to get his belly rubbed.
Both the dogs are good with the boys. Austin loves chasing them around and telling them what to do.

Hudson feeding himself

Hudson started getting the Gerber Puffs last week and although I would put them on his highchair tray for him to feed himself he never actually made it to his mouth with one-they all seemed to end up on the floor. However, last night as we were having a "picnic" for Austin's birthday Hudson managed to actually get the puffs along with some corn kernels to his mouth all by himself. He was working so hard to get the food in his mouth. I let him feed himself as long as he wanted to but I also tried to slide some of the food in there for him as well.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Austin's 3rd Birthday Party

This year Mommy decided to make it easy on her self with Austin's birthday party. In the past I have worked on the party for months and months before the big day, but this year I decided to hand that over to a facility. Don't get me wrong, I still put effort and thought into it just not all crazy like this year.

I gave Austin the choice of a Cars or Toy Story party theme this year and he chose Cars (actually he said "Lightning and Mack party Mommy". We had his party at a local bounce house (one of those places with tons of inflatable jumpers inside) and it was great.

Below is the invite to his party that I custom designed (notice Lightning and Mack like my little man requested).
Austin had to have the perfect attire for his special day so I was able to find a cute Lightning shirt and he even had Lightning socks (which were actually seen since the kids had to remove there shoes to bounce).

Of course before the party Mommy had to make sure we got a family picture (more like a few 50 pictures before we left). I always want to get a family photo of us all on any special occasion, however it seems like we never actually get around to taking it.

The party defiantly had the fun factor this year and we tried to capture it as much as we could with photos. The bounce house has two party rooms that you get to bounce in and both have a large slide in them. Of course many of the adults had to test the slides just to make sure they were safe and fun for the kids. Look at every ones faces in these pictures-priceless.
The Party Room where we had cake, pizza and gifts.

Austin had lots of friends and family there to help celebrate his big day!
Here are some photos of Austin with his buddies
Austin had been practicing blowing out candles at everyone else's birthday party for months so he did it perfect!
For the favors I found metal Cars lunch boxes and put a matchbox car, fruit snacks and a pack of M&M's in each bag along with a balloon tied to each box.
Austin racked up with more toys and Fall clothes.
Over all I think the party was a big success and everyone seemed to have fun and go home happy. Austin had a great time!