Thursday, March 18, 2010

Newborn photos

I will warn you that there are tons of pics in this post. My friend Tina came over when Hudson was 13 days old and we took over 500 photos of the little man. We had soooooo many amazing photos. These are just a few of my favorite ones.

There are only 2 photos of both boys together since Austin was too busy playing with Chase and didn't want to stop for pictures.

I love this one of our feet. Only problem is Austin was napping by then so his feet are not included, so we will have to take another one that includes him.

Notice the car in Austin's hand.
I love this photo, its so us. Brad was being silly and asking what he was suppose to do with his hands for the photo and decided putting them on my head was the best place for them.

Outside fun 3/7/10

We finally had some warm weather so the boys could go outside. We took the boys over to Grandma & Grandpa's house and they pulled out all the toys. Austin had to make sure he used them all.

Love this one of Austin & Grandpa
Grandpa helping Austin dunk the ball
Going down the slide

Hudson had fun sleeping in the shade
This is one of my favorite pics of Austin. That look is priceless.

2 weeks old

One Month Old

I cant believe Hudson is already a month old, it seems like we just brought him home from the hospital. He is quite the growing boy, he only wore preemie clothes for a few days and is now in the newborn clothes (although some of those are getting a little snug on him). He has been such a good baby for us (I am almost afraid to say that out loud~I am knocking on wood as I type this). He is very happy and content most of the time. He eats about every 3 hours. At night he goes down around 9ish and for the most part only gets up once in the night to eat (usually between 2 & 3 am). Every now and then he will get up two times in the night but not very often. He has started spending more time awake during the day. So we have pulled out the play mats for him. So far he just looks around at everything he really hasn't tried to reach out for things too much. He has started trying to talk to us by making those cute little baby sounds. He has also started smiling in the last few days! As of now he is still sleeping in our bedroom at night (in his bouncy seat).

I realize that my post are all out of order, sorry about that. I am just trying to get them all on here for everyone.

Happy St. Patrick's Day

Austin & I started our St. Patrick's Day by making some green pancakes (he has been helping me cook a lot recently). After that we colored some clover pages and just played for the day. Once Daddy got home we tried for some quick photos of the boys together in there green. Austin was so careful with Hudson, even when Hudson started screaming. Austin is such a good big brother.

Daddy and his boys

Brad has been such a huge help around our house lately (not that he wasn't before). When he gets home from work each night he takes one of the boys (usually Austin) and spends some fun time with them. Then after I feed Hudson around 9 each night he takes over and takes care of anything he needs while I sleep. Then on the weekends he does what ever we need-from watching the boys so I can have a few mins. to myself or going to the grocery store and doing stuff around the house.. Thanks baby, I love you so much!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

1st doctors appt.

February 22nd was Hudson's 1st trip to see Dr. Libby for his weight check. He weighted in at 8 lbs 0.5oz (which means he is already over his birth weight), Dr. Libby was very impressed. Hudson slept most of the time we were in the car and at the doctors office. This was our first outing as a family of 4 and it actually went really well. We don't have to go back to the doctor for a month since Hudson is doing so well.

Week One

Below are some photos from Hudson's 1st week. He was a very busy boy: he enjoyed meeting lots of friends and family, coming home from the hospital, eating, sleeping and pooping. He is doing so great he only wakes up 2 or 3 times a night to eat he is doing good at eating every 3-4 hours for the most part. He also only spent a few days in his preemie clothes (remember Austin was in them for 3 months) and now he is in his newborn clothes looking like a little stud!

Austin loved a balloon that was attached to some of the flowers we received-he walked around holding it all week. He also enjoys watching TV from his brothers bouncy seat.
Austin trys his best to keep Hudson entertained-he makes sure that he shares his toys with his baby brother!
Austin loves his little brother. Anytime Hudson makes a noise Austin says "whats that?" and comes to get me to make sure I take care of his brother.
Grandma-ma & Papa spent most of the first week with us helping out!
Uncle Brett
Aunt Robbin