Monday, June 13, 2011

Family Water Fun

The weather was actually not too bad tonight so we decided to head outside with the boys after dinner. Austin wanted to play out front and ride his bikes so that's just what we did.
Brad decided to turn the sprinkler on to water the grass some while we were out there. Next thing we know Hudson is running through the water-and Austin was not far behind him. Austin decided to take all of the cars and his bike through the "car wash".

An action shot of him moving the cars around in the car wash.

Hudson had to make sure that Austin was washing is car correctly and not missing any spots.

Huddy all wet

Smiles like this make it all worth while and let you know that you did something right.

Side Note: Austin informed me tonight that he would be going back to the beach next week. He needs to play in the sand and sun some more. I am not too sure who he is going with? It would be so nice to live close to the beach so we could take our boys there all the time.

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