Sunday, October 31, 2010

Pumpkin Carving WIth The Boys

We were going to carve our pumpkin earlier in the week but since it gets dark so early now we decided to wait until the weekend so we could carve it outside. So Sunday afternoon after nap time we took the boys outside and got to carving. It was the first time Austin had carved a pumpkin or seen one carved, he was not too sure what to think about it. He is very funny about getting his hands dirty so he really was not too interested in helping "gut" the pumpkin. Both boys seemed to enjoy watching Daddy carve!

Austin ended up getting getting a hold of the sharpie and making a face on the pumpkin. At first I started to freak out about it-but I stopped and realized that it was after all the boys pumpkin so he could draw all over it if he wanted to~and that's just what he did.

Once all the carving was done Austin decided the pumpkin needed some hair so he grabbed the sharpie again and got right to work. Hudson was very egar to hold the pumpkin for Austin and help in any way he could.
Austin has become very possessive of his toys and stuff, as you can see of the photo of him with "his pumpkin" he is holding on for dear life.

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