Saturday, October 30, 2010

Hudson-8 months

Hudson was not too into our monthly photo sessions today as you can see in the photos below. But keeping with the tradition of taking his monthly photo in the same location I still snapped away and am posting photos of my crying baby.

weight: 19 lbs 12 oz
diapers size 3
clothes size 6-9 months
*no teeth

*talking- says "DaDa, Daddy, hey", still no Mommy
*mobility- doing the army crawl and into everything, especially his brothers toys (which Austin doesn't enjoy too much)
*sleeping-sleeps all night from 7:30ish -6:30ish every now and then will wake up at night but sleeps through most nights; naps-still taking his early morning nap around 7:30 or 8am for around 30 mins to and hour, 11ish until around 1pm and some days he will take another little nap around 4pm for about an hour
*has really started discovering toys-loves trying to eat books, playing with a ball. Loves phones but only real ones both the house phone and cell phones-also loves the computer and starting to become more interested in the TV
*loves his brother- it is so cute to watch the boys actually interact now, in the car they will watch each other and Austin will entertain Hudson. Austin puts on a show for Hudson all the time and Hudson just watches and laughs while his little eyes light up with joy
*food- has started getting a few bottles of formula here and there when we are out and about, but still doing good with the nursing although now he is more of a sipper than a drinker-he can not stand not to be involved in the action or miss something while he is nursing (must get that from his Papa) so he will eat a min. and then try to sit up and make sure he is not missing anything. He also has started eating a lot more solids-we have done most of the fruits and veggies and have started having the mixed baby foods, also has started having a few finger foods-puffs, corn, cut up carrots
Hudson is still my happy boy-Austin's teacher Mrs. Carmen jokes around that he is "false advertisement" because most babies are not as happy or good as he is.

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