Thursday, October 14, 2010

Our new BIG screen TV

The picture below shows how we are watching TV these days at our house. Don't you want to come over for the next big football game and watch it at our house? A few weeks ago Austin and I were watching the big TV in the picture and it made a noise and went off. When I tried to turn it back on the lights were flashing the death code on the front of the TV and it was also making a wonderful hissing noise. So I of course called Brad at work to fix the problem, when he got home he took a look at it and discovered that the bulb had busted AGAIN. The bulb cost around $100 to replace but that didn't explain the hissing noise it was also making. So we discussed ordering the bulb and hoping it fixed the TV or waiting to see what kind of deals there are after Thanksgiving. Well, we couldn't make a decision on what to do but in the meantime we had to do something....... So Brad brought up my TV from the kitchen.

So now I have a 19 inch TV sitting by our big screen. Can you say G-E-T-T-O! But it works and it didn't cost anything and buys us time while we decide what to do.

The boys are too cute laying besides each other watching TV.

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