Thursday, October 7, 2010

Happy Birthday Brad & Debbie

Wow, October is crazy with Birthdays in our family. We celebrated Brad's 30th birthday and his moms birthday on Oct.6. We went over to GRandma & Grandpas house for some yummy chicken encheladas (they are a family favorite and it had been way too long since we had them). Debbie also had a taco bar set up-it was all so yummy. She also had 2 wonderful cakes. Austin was quite the little helpper with blowing out the candles (guess he is practicing for his birthday).
After dinner the guys disapeared for a while-once we realized they were missing I ventured upstairs and discovered the rockstars in action. Uncle Brett was teaching Hudson how to play guitar, Brad was killing it to Matalliaca and Austin was rocking out the drums. I think if they keep up practicing we might just have to make them some shirts and take there show on the road.


rotte3011 said...

Michelle your blog is the best. The pictures and comments that go with them is awesome.

Thanks again for taking the pictures.

Michelle said...

Deb-I am glad you like it. I have been trying to keep it all updated as much as possible and then go back and fill in where I missed in the past as much as the boys allow me too. I am hoping to get a book made of the blog this year (you can have them printed up now-super easy scrapbook).