Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Hudson has a tooth

So this little cute thing woke up with something new this morning......
His first tooth!!! It is on the bottom in the middle and had been a long time in the making.
I feel like Hudson has been teething for months but each day I would check for a little pearly white poking through and there would be nothing. However, today when he woke up he was making funny faces and doing something different with his mouth/tounge. So after cracking up and thinking how my baby was such a silly boy-it dawned on me that he might have finally gotten a tooth. So I checked and sure enough there it was just starting to poke through.
Once again Hudson handled it like a champ, I have never seen such a good and happy baby in my life. He had been sick all week and fussed just a little bit which I figured was because he was sick but no he was in fact sick and cutting his first tooth and was still happy!
I tried to take pictures of the funny faces he was making but the pictures just do not show how funny they really were.
The above photo was taken later in the day, Hudson likes to pull the arches of his play mats off and play with them. Today was no different except Mommy had the camera and Hudson some how ended up with the arch on his back and was trying to crawl around with it this way.

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