Saturday, October 30, 2010

Trinity Trunk or Treat 10/30/10

We really decided to celebrate Halloween and the Fall this year. I think we hit up every festival in town, just so the boys could wear there super cute costumes. Today we attended Grandma and Grandpa's churches Trunk or Treat and the boys had a blast. They had all kinds of activities for the kids to participate in.
Woody had to take a much needed snack break and enjoy some nice orange Cheetos's (he must get his love for those from his Great Grandma Betty)
Grandma drove Huddy around the festival
while sporting her super cute spider head band.
Grandpa, Daddy and Austin gathered around the camp fire to roast some hot dogs on the open fire. Notice Austin made sure they were doing it just right.
Hudson was giving Mommy some lovin!
Our attempt at a family photo-notice we are missing Austin. We never seem to be able to get all four of us in the same picture.
I helped Austin up the big inflatable slide only for him to leave me behind at the top-so I had to go down alone and I am sure other people who had not seen me go up with a child thought I was the crazy lady on the kids slide.
Here is Austin saying "Trunk or Treat" and getting more much needed candy
The first stop here today on our trunk or treating adventure Austin was introduced to a wonderful new candy. You have to understand that besides M&M's my child does not really eat candy not even suckers. But here he was being introduced to pixie sticks-basically sugar in a straw and he "LOVED IT". He could not get it out of the straw fast enough.
They had a cute little craft station set up and Austin and I made this cute little gourd man
Austin did not like to keep his hat on too much but I was able to actually snap a picture of him looking all "Woody-fied"
Here is my sweet Hudson dressed in his super cute spider costume-look at those eyes. This is with no editing done on the photo on his eyes. I think they might get him in trouble in a few years...
Grandpa and Woody eating Austin's cupcake creation. These two really have a special bond-I am so thankful that they have so much fun together,
Austin is making his yummy cupcake. Notice there is not too much icing on there-he must not be making it for Mommy or Aunt Pam. lol.
Hudson showing of his cuteness
Woody as we arrived at the festival. Yes I know the photos are out of order-thanks blogger.

Over all I think we all had fun and the boys got to show the world how cute they are in there costumes again!

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