Thursday, October 14, 2010

Weekly Happenings at school 10/12 & 10/14/10

Austin had a big week this week at MDO after being off last week for Fall Break. On Tuesday he got a great report from Mrs. Carmen and made the bracelet below. It was on another string but it feel apart in the school parking lot as we were getting into the car. Thankfully I was able to find all the beads or at least most of them, and when we got home we got out some ribbon and fixed it right up. Austin wore it around all night and was so proud of his creation.
When I arrived to pick up Austin on Tue. he and Dawson were both already up from there nap (the other kids were still sleeping. There were the partners in crime sitting at the table coloring away. Dawson quickly comes over to me and informs me "we drawing pictures for Mommy". Austin celebrated his Birthday at school on Thur. since they do not have school next Tue.. Mrs. Carmen was so sweet to send home the below little Birthday certificate from the class.
Look at how big my baby is getting. This photo is of him as we were getting ready to leave for school.
This one is him going crazy about his cupcakes for school.
These are the cupcakes that Austin picked out to take and share with his friends at school.
Each child was asked to bring there favorite book to share with the class Thur. So I let Austin pick out his book (it was between Clifford's Big Itch, Clifford's 1st Halloween and Fox & Pig), he chose The Big Itch.
After sharing there books with the class the kids each made there own books.
Looks like I will have to get Austin to read this one to me.

Overall it was another great week, Austin seemed to have had tons of fun and had lots of stuff to bring home to Mommy!

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