Thursday, November 4, 2010

Happy Halloween

After two weeks of celebrating Halloween finally arrived! Austin was Woody from Toy Story and Hudson was a spider. Both boys looked so cute in there little costumes. We started our festivities that day with carving a pumpkin with the boys, which they enjoyed. Then they both took good naps to get ready for our big night.
Of course I had to be "that Mommy" and take a ton of pictures. Grandma and Grandpa came over and we all had some yummy pizza before we went out for desert! As you can see below in the photos Grandma got a little "crazy" and put on Hudson's spider hat.
We piled the boys into Austin's wagon and off we went. It was Hudson's first time to ride in the wagon and he was not too sure about it at first. He held on for dear life!

We only went down one street in our neighborhood trick or treating because Austin was not happy with the situation. So, we decided to just go back to our house and hand out candy while hanging out in the driveway. Both the boys seemed to really enjoy that. There were lots of kids out. We live in a large neighborhood and I am pretty sure people "bus" there kids over here for the candy. Austin had to take a long look at another little boy dressed as Woody also. Austin was really trying to figure out why there were two of them. He liked checking out all of the costumes until a boy in a scream mask stoped by and he basically threw the candy at him and jumped back.
Over all it was a great Halloween and the boys seemed to have fun and we even got some candy!

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