Sunday, October 10, 2010

A visit from Grandma-ma & Papa 9/29/10-10/3/10

Brad had a business trip this week so Grandma-ma and Papa came to help me out with the boys. We had lots of fun while they were here. We found 2 new parks that I did not know about here in town (that have great locations for photos), went treasure troving (aka garage selling). We played outside a lot and enjoyed the wonderful weather. We had a nice family cookout on Sat. to celebrate Grandma-ma and Brad's birthdays. Uncle Dan and Aunt Mary came up and Aunt Pam, Tommy, Aiden and even Jacob got to come over.

Hudson enjoied jumping around in his Johnny jump up for the first time durring our cookout

Hudson enjoyied showing Grandma-ma and Papa how he is a big boy and sits up on his own now

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