Saturday, October 16, 2010

Austin's 3rd Birthday Party

This year Mommy decided to make it easy on her self with Austin's birthday party. In the past I have worked on the party for months and months before the big day, but this year I decided to hand that over to a facility. Don't get me wrong, I still put effort and thought into it just not all crazy like this year.

I gave Austin the choice of a Cars or Toy Story party theme this year and he chose Cars (actually he said "Lightning and Mack party Mommy". We had his party at a local bounce house (one of those places with tons of inflatable jumpers inside) and it was great.

Below is the invite to his party that I custom designed (notice Lightning and Mack like my little man requested).
Austin had to have the perfect attire for his special day so I was able to find a cute Lightning shirt and he even had Lightning socks (which were actually seen since the kids had to remove there shoes to bounce).

Of course before the party Mommy had to make sure we got a family picture (more like a few 50 pictures before we left). I always want to get a family photo of us all on any special occasion, however it seems like we never actually get around to taking it.

The party defiantly had the fun factor this year and we tried to capture it as much as we could with photos. The bounce house has two party rooms that you get to bounce in and both have a large slide in them. Of course many of the adults had to test the slides just to make sure they were safe and fun for the kids. Look at every ones faces in these pictures-priceless.
The Party Room where we had cake, pizza and gifts.

Austin had lots of friends and family there to help celebrate his big day!
Here are some photos of Austin with his buddies
Austin had been practicing blowing out candles at everyone else's birthday party for months so he did it perfect!
For the favors I found metal Cars lunch boxes and put a matchbox car, fruit snacks and a pack of M&M's in each bag along with a balloon tied to each box.
Austin racked up with more toys and Fall clothes.
Over all I think the party was a big success and everyone seemed to have fun and go home happy. Austin had a great time!

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