Tuesday, October 19, 2010

OUr 4 legged Fur Babies

Since we have had kids it seems that our first born children have taken the backseat to our lives. We used to treat our dogs like they were our children, now we just try to remember to feed them most days. Its not that we don't love them just the same as we did before we had kids, its just life is so much busier these days. So here is a post devoted just to our fur babies!

Chloe Marie: she is our Boxer who will be 5 years old in December. When we got her she had so much energy and everyone told us if you can make it through the first year she will calm down, then it was the 2nd year then the third. Well she is now almost 5 years old and still as crazy as the day we brought her home. She has calmed down some, but she still has so much energy. She now spends a lot of her days laying on the red sofa in our family room down stairs. She was never allowed on the sofas before we had kids, however now that we have two I hardly notice her laying on it. She used to sleep in our bed at night however since Hudson was born she is not allowed in our bedroom anymore. Chloe loves playing outside when the weather is not too hot or too cold or raining, you might say she is a bit of a diva. She loves chasing birds and flys around outside-she has brought me a few birds and even a humming bird before that she has caught. She is such a loving dog and very smart. Yes, our dog seems to be a genius, she knows how to open doors (we had to change half our doorknobs in our house so she could not open doors as she pleases. She also knows how to get ice or water out of the door of our freezer-she often uses the ice as her bell or signal to us that she wants to go outside.
Bernie Mack: he was our first fur Baby, we got him before we were ever married. He turned 7 years old this Easter. He is a little old man dog but still has some spunk in him. He loves running around outside chasing Chloe. He spends most of his days laying on Chloe's big bed that she doesn't use or looking out our dining room window. He loves to get his belly rubbed.
Both the dogs are good with the boys. Austin loves chasing them around and telling them what to do.

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