Saturday, April 16, 2011

The unthinkable happened....

My Friday morning started out much like every other morning this week. The boys woke me up bright and early and we headed to the playroom to play and watch some cartoons. We talked to Ma-ma-ma and Papa on the phone. Followed by Austin begging for ice cream with sprinkles for breakfast-once he realized that was not happening he moved on to wanting cheese puffs. After going back and forth with him about it, I decided to give in and let him have some cheese puffs. Who cares that its only 7:15am-whats it going to hurt? For those of you who have not been to our home we have a rather steep stair case of 15 steps all of which are wooden and we have hardwoods downstairs as well. We have what seems like 15 baby gates through our home. One of which blocks off the boys rooms and play room from the catwalk and stairs. Well, I headed down stairs to grab Austins cheese puffs (and thought the gate was closed and latched good). I got the bowl out and started to pour the cheese puffs into it when I heard it. Bump, bump, splat (or at least that's the way it keeps replaying in my mind). I knew what had happened. One of my babies fell down the stairs. I really thought it was Austin (thinking he had climbed over the baby gate). But no, when I came around the corner I saw my sweet baby Hudson laying face down on the floor at the bottom of the stairs. I can not explain the thoughts that were running through my head at that moment. It took a min. for him to start crying, I quickly made sure that he could move his neck and legs before I picked him up off the floor. At this point he was screaming ( and i really wanted to as well). I was trying to check all of his body (arms, legs, hands, feet) and make sure that he was able to move everything. Visibly he seemed to be OK. But I wanted to take no chances with my baby. I called my mother in law (as I was still trying not to panic- remember Brad is still out of town) and tried to tell her what had happened (Hudson was still screaming). I didn't know at that moment if I should take him to his Dr's office or to the ER. When I told her he fell down all of the stairs she quickly told me she would meet me at the ER. I hesitated a min. before I made the call to Brad to tell him what had happened. He was in another state so there was nothing he could do. I quickly grabbed the boys and we headed to the ER. We were still in our PJ's (looking back I should have got a picture of Austin in his bug PJ's with his cowboy boots holding his cup of milk and bag of cheese puffs). When we arrived at the ER Grandma was there waiting on us and we were quickly taken to the back.

Hudson was acting fine and seemed to be OK. He started getting some goose eggs that were popping up all over his little head so I opted to have a CT scan done of his head just to be sure that he really was OK. The Dr. came back and told us that there was no sign of anything serious, only some soft tissue swelling (the goose eggs). We were instructed to keep an eye on him and to check on him every 2 hours when he was sleeping. Debbie took Austin home with her and Hudson and I headed home from some little R&R and extra TLC.
Grandma and Austin baked some cookies and brought some by the house and Hudson loved them. They along with Grandpa came by later that night after a trip to ToysRus with a toy for Hudson.
Amazingly, Hudson doesn't have any bumps or bruises on his little body other than a few bruises and one goose egg left on his head. I can honestly say yesterday was the scariest day of my life so far. I truly do not understand how my sweet baby boy is OK. Other than the fact that some one had to be looking over him and protecting him as he fell down those stairs. I pray that I never have to experience anything like that again in my life. It really could have turned out so bad, he could have broken his neck or back or worse. But he is fine and back to climbing on everything he can. We all read about things like this happening to other people and think to our selves how could this person let this happen to there child. I can say now that it happened to us and that we had every safety measure in place to keep it from happening. The only thing I can figure is that for some reason the gate did not fully latch when I closed it-so Hudson was able to get it open. So please, take the time to check, check and double check things just to be 100% sure. Also, take the time to hug and let your little ones or other loved ones know how special they are and how much you care about them, because you never know when the unthinkable could happen to you.

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