Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter Morning

On Easter morning we awoke to find that the Easter Bunny had left quite a mess around our house and yard. Below is a photo of our back yard. The bunny had eggs every where and had left foot prints through the house.

You can see below that the bunny took the eggs down from the tree and filled them with treats for the boys.

When Austin woke up on Easter morning he was greeted by a note from the Easter Bunny that insturcted him to follow his foot prints and trail of carrots and eggs he left behind to find his Easter gifts.

The bunny also left some items for Austin to put on...As seen below he had to wear the rabbit ears.

Austin was too funny about the mess the bunny left behind-he did not like the idea of a mess.

Below Hudson is hot on the trail that the bunny left behind.

Daddy is determined to find what that silly rabbit left for his boys.

Looks like Hudson did a good job following the tracks to his basket.

Austin did not know what to think about the bunny leaving his and Bo-Bo's easter baskets in his house outside.

Look at my happy boy!

Austin had a blast finding all the eggs that the Easter bunny had left hidden for him. He found them in all kinds of crazy places.

After the boys had there fun we headed inside for some yummy and "themed breakfast" that I had tried to make. I could not find the bottles that I needed to squert the pancake batter onto the pan to make them perfect so I had to come up with an alternitive. As you can see below they didnt turn out quite as cute as I hoped but they were still cute little bunnies.

I think over all the boys had a great Easter! Hopefully we will have many more to come and they will have great memories.

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Josh and Outing said...

What AWESOME pancakes Michelle!!!