Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Another weather filled day....

I tell you, I am so over the weather in spring here in Middle TN. It seems like we are having to hide out in our closet at least once a week. Today was one of those days. It started out with our st tornado warning around 5:45am this morning. Brad and I quickly got the boys out of there beds and headed to our "safe place". Luckly the storm passed very quickly and we didnt have any damage.
Soon after the storm we found out that not everyone in our town was so lucky. They have not confirmed if it was a tornado or straight line winds-but either way many people had damage after the storm.

The below photo was one I took from my bedroom window later this afternoon of some of the crazy looking clouds that passed over.

Austin was on safety patrol durring one of our closet adventures this afternoon. He had a big flash light in case the power went out and he had his bike helment on to protect his head. After he put the helment on he said "Mommy I safe now".

I am pretty sure that Austin is a trained storm spotter (you know like the ones they talk about on the news that sees the tornados or funnel clouds). Here he was looking out the window checking for storms. We have really been working on our potty training lately. He has been about 95% trained on number 1 but he wanted no part of going number 2 in the potty. Until this week and he has now gone 3 times in the potty and 0 in his pants. So what better time to go number 2 then the middle of a tornado warning when we are taking cover in the closet. I would so proud of him though for going like a big boy. After wards he decided he didnt want to put his jeans on.

After a fun filled day of hanging out in the closet off and on with 2 toddlers I decided on a quick and easy dinner (which also happens to be the boys favorite). We had a frozen pizza picnic in the playroom as a family. I snapped a few photos of our family dinner and this is the best one (yes, that is my wonderful hubby acting silly).

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Josh and Outing said...

The helmet, underwear, flashlight pic is my FAVORITE!!!!