Friday, April 8, 2011

Nicer weather

We have had some nice weather the last few days so I have been trying to let the boys outside to play (and wear them selves out). We have done lots of exploring as you can see Hudson has been checking out Austin's toys.
The weather was so nice tonight after soccer practice even Austin's baby "Mr. Giraffe" got to come outside and play! Austin decided that it would be nice to take him for a ride on the back of his bike.
The boys checked on the flowers Austin and I planted earlier in the week that are on our front porch area.
Austin did some grass cutting to help Daddy out.
We also "had" to get out the boys snow sleds and play with them. Austin used it as more of a surf board.
Austin worked on learning to pedal his bike some and didn't even mind wearing his helmet this time.

Hudson also thought it would be helpful to use the mower some too.

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