Saturday, April 23, 2011

It was the night before Easter...

This year I decided I really wanted to try and start some holiday traditions that we can carry on throughout the years with the boys. Austin is getting a little older and getting into each of the holidays more than before. For Easter we did the Resurrection Eggs to help the boys learn the true meaning of the holiday. We also started some Easter Eve traditions. We had the boys take some carrots outside and leave them for the Easter Bunny. Santa gets cookies so its only fitting that the bunny gets carrots.

I gave Austin the carrots to carry outside and he decided he better taste them and make sure they were good enough for the Easter Bunny!
Austin made sure that the carrots were placed just right around the tree out front.

After the carrots were all out we hung some empty eggs in the tree in hopes that the bunny would take them down and fill them with fun & yummy treats.

Hudson had fun helping too!

Hudson made sure that all of our eggs were ready to go in the tree.

Here is Austin showing off all of his hard work.

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