Sunday, April 3, 2011

4/2/11 Soccer Game

Austin is not too sure about soccer right now. He will get excited about it and will have fun the first few mins of practicing then he is over it. He would rather run around on the sidelines than to play with the team.
He loves the after game snacks. He might not play in the game but he sure does look too cute in his uniform!
After each game and practice coach Jessie gives each player a special patch for there performance on the field. Below the kids are waiting on there patches.
After the game we tried to get a team photo. Not too easy with 10 three year olds.
Here is Austin with coach Jessie and his son Jessie


Colleen Daley-Clark said...

That is so cute! I want to make a family Blog. How fun! Will you teach me??


Michelle said...

Of course I will colleen. Its really easy.