Monday, April 4, 2011

Hiding in the closet

The boys and I spent some time this afternoon hiding out in our master bedroom closet. Have I mentioned just how much I hate the storms this time of year. Since the Good Friday tornadoes a few years ago-I really stress out when we have bad weather. Below are some photos I snapped from my bedroom window with my cell phone of the front moving through.
It seems that the storms come during nap time or at night while the boys are sleeping. Today Austin boycotted his nap and I had to cut Hudson's short so we could hide out for a while.

Thankfully my boys were all smiles (or at least for the most part) and helped to ease my anxiety over the passing storms. Hudson was on flash light duty.
Oh, and he had to make sure that we all had the correct shoes on just in case. lol!
Austin decided to play funny man and take cover under a laundry basket.

I love these boys more than they will ever know and am so thankful for there smiling faces during times like this. Its suppose to be me providing them with comfort and support but I often times find comfort in them.

Sorry for the quality of these photos-they were taken from my cell phone and my hands were a little shaky.

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