Saturday, April 9, 2011

4/9/11 Soccer picture day

We had picture day today for soccer and I have to say that Austin was not feeling it too much. They were running a little behind on taking the photos so the kids were all running around and were over it by the time picture time got there. Here is one of the only some what good photos we got. Note-Austin is suppose to be holding a ball in this photo Here is one of the team photos that one of the moms got.
Here is Austin and his buddy Gavin chilling before photos
Hudson waited so patiently on his brother to get his photos taken (as long as he had some food he was happy).
Here Danica got into the photo with the boys!
The team doing a little huddle before there photos
Here is one of the out takes of the group photos. As I said before Austin we not feeling the photos, he was more interested in being a little funny guy!
Yes, that's Austin with his shirt over his head. You know those moment when you are out and you see someones child acting up and you think "I am so glad that is not my child"? Well that was my child.
Hudson and Madison (Danica's little sister) had fun playing on the sidelines of the game.
Hudson is ready to hit the field and play some ball
Austin and Gavin sitting on the sidelines during the game

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