Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Hudson had his 1st real date...Play date that is

Hudson had his 1st play date today that was just for him. Normally he plays with a brother or sister of one of Austin's friends that come over for a play date. But not today these little guys came over just to play with Hudson. Twins-Madison and Michael who are less than a month younger than Hudson came over and we had a big time.
We broke out the kangaroo climber this weekend from the attic and the kids had a blast on it. The below photo is the only one I got of all kids that were here. The twins brought there big sister Riley who is 7 with them (school was out due to weather-but thats a whole other post).

Then Hudson decided to show off with a fireman hat. Look at Michael and Madison's face, looks like they are thinking "whats wrong with this guy-I think he might be crazy".

Now the twins are pretty sure that Hudson is one crazy boy!

And then Hudson thought it would be a good idea to walk around with the hat covering his eyes.

Over all I think he had fun at his first play date-he actually had to lay down right before his friends left. So I think he partied hard. Cant wait to have many more play date with these little guys and there mommy!

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