Friday, May 13, 2011

Weekly happenings 5/8-5/13/11

This week has been good for the most part. Hudson is still trying to finish cutting 4 teeth so he has been a little needy and whiny which he never really is. Both boys have not been to interested in napping this week either, which means Mommy doesn't get a break.

I seem to have uploaded my photos in reverse order so we will work the week backwards.
Today Daddy was off from work so we decided to take the boys to the discovery center. I have to admit that it would be a challenge for me to take the boys there by myself these days. Hudson and I stayed in the baby room most of the time which he loved. He was able to climb on any and everything and not get in trouble for it.

Hudson has recently discovered that all of his shoes stay in the bottom drawer of his dresser and he loves pulling them out (he has been doing this for a while now). But this week he has had to have us put the shoes on him-no matter what. This was one of the latest combos that he had to have. Watch out fashion week-this boy is setting new trends.

Over the last week I have to say it seems like the boys are actually becoming friends. I don't hear "BoBo coming" from Austin anymore. They have been playing together and both seem to be having fun.

Austin is a hot mess, you never know what will come out of his mouth. Some of his latest have been:

*"Mommy you have a big bootie!"

*"What are you dressed up for, mommy?" this was what he said to me when I came upstairs from taking a shower and was basically in my pjs.

*"BoBo talking night night" he says this when Hudson wakes up from a nap and is talking, but he really doesn't want Hudson to get out of bed yet
*he has also started thinking its too funny to pretend that he is a robot

*he has been doing really good with potty training and has started pooping in the potty in the last 2 weeks!!!! This week he has been a little "gassy". While he is standing there pee peeing he has been pooting and will say "I not poop mommy, I not poop" while trying too look behind him to make sure that there is nothing on the floor.

*he has also discovered that daddy's phone will play trash trucks (he is obsessed with trash trucks-so Brad has been letting him watch YouTube videos on his phone)

I have really been trying to stop and be thankful for these two little guys and not stress or worry about the small things in life. It is so easy to get caught up in the day to day life of cleaning and what not and not take the time to just play and have fun. That being said~I am trying to find the balance between having fun with my kids and staying on top of everything else in life. I have been trying to stay off the computer and phone when I could be playing with them. I have also been trying to follow the fly lady ideas and cleaning the house a little each day "zone cleaning". My boys will only be little for so long and want to play with me and "nuggle" as Austin likes to say (a.k.a. snuggle). My chores will still be here when they are bigger and I am not cool to play with anymore.

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Your blog entries always talk about cleaning and doing chores.

This is just something I noticed.