Monday, May 30, 2011

Huddy got his hair cut

Well we finally did it today, we got Hudson's hair cut for the first time. His hair was starting to get a little long in the back and around the edges.

We took him to Great Clips and we tried to have Daddy hold him so that Mommy could take photos of the process, but as you can see below he was not too happy with this.

Even when I was feeding him snacks he still was not so sure. We were just about to give up and just come back another day.

But then he was happy with Mommy holding him for the cut as long as we were standing up.

Here is the finished product. Pretty cute if you ask me!

My baby boy is getting big way too fast. Its crazy how much faster things are going with him than with Austin when he was his age. I know its just because life is busyer these days, but it is still just too fast. I want him to stay my baby forever.

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Anonymous said...

They really are beautiful little boys. :)