Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Austin's last day of school

Austin had his last day of school today, look at how much my little man has grown this year.

Look at this little face!~

The kids had a little program where they sang 4 songs for the parents. I have to say Austin did so much better this year. But I will admit that I bribed him. All morning before school I kept reminding him that he would get "ice cream with sprinkles" after school if he did good during his performance. There would be no running, jumping, hopping or falling while on stage. Remember last year he thought it was funny to fall down multi times to make everyone laugh.

Look at him standing so nice and proper. This was just before he grabbed on of the mics and gave a big "shout out" to PAPA! Lol

After the performance they had a little reception for everyone. Here is Austin and his BFF Dawson. These two are such good buddies!

Here are the three amigos of the class Austin, Dawson and Aiden running up and down the hall.

This is the best photo I could get of Austin and his teacher Mrs. Carmen. Next year I will have to remember to get the photo before.

Today was one of those bittersweet days; it was Austin's last day of school for the year but also his last day at Westwood. We will be moving the boys to Austin's old school in the Fall. Westwood was so close to our house but we feel like the boys will get more from the program at Trinity. We are so sad to be leaving Mrs. Carmen and the friends we have made. But the good thing is we know where Mrs. Carmen lives so we will be staying in touch.

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