Wednesday, May 18, 2011

My Huddy-who has been sick

For some reason it seems like the last few times Brad has gone out of town for work something has gone wrong at home. This time Huddy spiked a high temp. On Monday I noticed Hudson was being a little more snugly than normal but was acting OK. When he woke up from his afternoon nap he was burning up, when I took his temp it was 103.4. Luckily we already had our 15 month well visit appt. scheduled for first thing Tuesday morning. Monday night was very long for Hudson and I, he was up and down all night.
Tuesday morning we dropped Austin off at school and headed to the doctors office. Along the way Hudson started acting a little strange. He couldn't hold his eyes open but he was awake. So I of course became really really concerned. Thankfully we didn't have to wait too long to see the doctor but by the time we got back there his temp was 103.8 and that was after I had given him meds. He became very lethargic and was just pitiful. It was heartbreaking as a mother to see my baby like that. The doctor gave him some more meds and after a little over an hour his temp finally came down into the 101 range and he was starting to come around a little more.

We headed home and spent the rest of the day snuggling on the sofa together. I loved getting to spend so much snuggle time with my boy but it was killing me to know that he was not feeling good.

I couldn't leave out a photo of big brother. He was so sweet and tried to help as much as he could. He would cover me and Hudson up with blankets, bring BoBos juice to him and rub his back or arm. He kept telling me "Mommy, BoBo not feel good, him sick, he needs to go to the dr.".

Thankfully when Huddy woke up this morning at 8am (which is very late for him) he was all smiles and had a temp of 98.2. Thank you God!

Hopefully we are on the upside of this virus or what ever was wrong with him. I love to see that smiling face and see me sweet boys playing together.

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