Monday, May 9, 2011

My wonderful Mothers Day!

My guys made sure to give me the best Mothers Day a girl could ask for. My Mothers Day actually stated on Thur. when Austin came home with a gift from school that he made me and could not wait for me to open it. I have to admit I cried when I opened this cute little guy below.
They had also had questions asked to them about there mommy and below are the answers that Austin gave: I think on the one he said doctors on he actually was saying tractors. When he got home and I read the sheet I asked him each of the questions to see if he would answer them the same again and he did.

Then on Friday afternoon these amazing flowers were delivered to our house for me-which was prefect timing considering that Austin had the tummy bug all day on Friday and had been throwing up non stop. As I was smelling my flowers Austin says "Mommy, you love them?". I replied "yes baby I love them". Austin says "so do birds and bees" where does he get these things, you never know what he will say.

Then on Sunday I got 2 of these guys (confession-I got them myself for Austin and I) they are love monster cookies.

My Mothers Day morning started out with Brad and I waking up to the sound of the boys playing. I rolled over and looked at our video monitors only to discover that Austin had gone into his brothers room and was playing and entertaining his BoBo. This was the first time he had done that-it was so cute for us to just lay there and listen to them playing and laughing together.

I received the cute card seen above along with a note or I.O.U. to have a year of our family blog printed into a book which is just what I had asked for. Also, earlier in the week Brad and I made these creations seen below with the boys for my Mothers Day gift. We both decided that it would be much easier for us to do it together with the boys than Brad on his own with them. Austin also let Hudson play in his room all weekend and loved it.

Shortly after we all woke up we took a family trip to Waffle House which is my favorite! Once we got there we realized that it was Hudson's first time to eat there.

After breakfast we went home where I made the comment to Austin that I was tired and he told me that he would play with BoBo in his room and for me and daddy to go take a nap in our room. I jumped on the chance of a nap, which was 2 hours and daddy stayed up stairs and he and the boys also napped.

We then went and got some flowers to plant in the back yard which was fun. Austin also picked me some flowers shown above!

After we planted some of the flowers Brad fired up the grill and cooked us some yummy steaks. We were going to have a picnic outside but it was a little hot so we ended up having a picnic in the playroom which Austin provided some music entertainment during.

here are two of my guys during our picnic

At one point I look over and Hudson has a whole hunk of meat in his mouth. I guess it looked better than his food that was cut up on his plate.

Hudson and Austin had so much fun playing together all day which was nice. Although Hudson thought that getting up on Austin's train table and walking around was the best thing ever.

Here is my baby girl!

And here is Bernie my first born baby!

I did good and didn't do any chores around the house all day which of course meant that it looked like this most of the day.

Brad was great and made sure made sure that I didn't do anything around the house or with the boys other than have fun, which was nice. Now I only have another 364 days until my next vacation day.

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Josh and Outing said...

What a fabulous day for you Michelle! Sounds like you have a bunch of wonderful guys in your life! I'm glad you enjoyed a nice day off!!!!!