Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Monthly Challenge/Goal

So in an effort to continue getting my house back in order I am going to start giving myself a monthly challenge/goal to complete. Hopefully over the course of a month I will be able to actually complete this task/goal. I am going to try and keep my blog updated weekly or so on how I am coming on completing my goal. I would like to challenge you guys to all do the same, we can help to motivate one another. I know I am more productive when I have someone to report my progress to.

So, for the month of June my monthly challenge/goal is to go through each of my closets in the house and clean them and get rid of anything that we don't need or that is not being used. The following are a list of each of the closets in my house:

master bedroom closet
coat closet
downstairs toy closet
upstairs linen closet
office/craft closet
Hudson's closet
Austin's closet

Some of these closets need more work than others. I figure I will work on two closets a week-one that needs more work and one that just needs to be picked up. I will try my best to post both before and after photos of each closet. Let me know if you are interested in joining me in this challenge.

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