Monday, June 28, 2010

Duluth Town Green

Recently on a trip back home to the ATL we visited the park where Brad and I got married. I have to say that the park is even more amazing today than it was when we got married. The park has grown so much and the buildings are just amazing.

Below is a photo of us on our wedding day 6/5/04
Here we are on the same spot with our happy family 6/27/10

Austin had fun running around the park and checking everything out
How amazing is that...There is a fountain that comes on right on this big concrete area
Grandma-ma with Austin and our Bernie
The new City Hall building. I would love to have time to go here and take some photos of the buildings and of the kids here.
Hudson just hanging out under the trees
Curtis and Hudson
The love of my life being silly
This park is truly amazing these days, if I was a photographer or lived in the area still I would be there taking photos all the time. Needless to say we will be making some trips to the park in our future visits to take more family photos (who knows maybe I will even get a photographer to meet us there).

On a side note: Do you remember "The Run Away Bride" from a few years ago??? Well this park is where all the media camped out when she ran from her bride.

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