Thursday, June 17, 2010

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Its True...Men are from Mars

Now ladies. Y'all know that this is not a man bashing blog. I love my man and he is a wonderful husband and provider. I am blessed beyond measure.


God did make us different. No one can argue that fact. So since I use this blog as cheap therapy, I thought I would about some of the differences that my girlfriends and I have been discussing lately.

Daily mundane chores- Why is that hubbies think that they areentitled to do their everyday tasks without any interruption from little ones and have to do it at the exact moment that they feel it needs to get done.

Example: "I have to mow the lawn this morning or go and run and get a part for the weed eater. Or even " I am going down in the basement to fix that part on the water heater."

Ok. These are all things that need done and I am glad I have a man that takes care of business.


I would love to turn to my husband and say "I need to clean the house right now...your taking the kids to the park for 3 hours, feeding them and bringing them back when I am done, right?"

It never occurs to our husband that we do our everyday mundane tasks like cleaning house, laundry (many times in the basements while our little ones are frantically screaming "mama!!" because they haven't seen the white of our eyeballs for 3 minutes.) gardening, grocery shopping and the thousand of other things we do in one day with our children underfoot. More than that, it takes four hours to do a 30 minute task because we have noses, tears and tushy's to wipe, multiple"I'm hungry ....I need a snack" to dish out on demand and don't even get me started on the whiny "I'm booooorrrreeeedddd."

Recently the love of my life explained to me with a baffled look that it never occurred that I needed help with these things because it all got done and I wasn't complaining.


Note to self: Look as frantic and worn down as I feel to maybe get some help.

Asking to do Things- Why is it that husbands inform us when they have work events or social obligations but we have to ask to grab a quick cup of coffee with my girlfriend or even go in our backyard for some quiet time.

My girlfriend told me that recently after a total meltdown her confused hubby threw his hands up and said " Honey, I know you need to get out. All you have to do is ask!!"


Note to Self: Maybe if I start asking every single time I need something, hubs will take a hint and start to ask me when he needs to do something. Like "Honey, can I go pee? I really need to...." "Babe, Can I go get the mail?" Hmph.

Obligations count as our "Time out"- One of my dear girlfriends gets hot under the collar at this one. When explaining to her husband that she has been with the kids for a couple weeks straight with no time to herself, her husband got a confused look on his face. (Notice the theme of confused husbands when talking about feelings.) He replied with "But honey, you just got out for a couple hours when you went grocery shopping the other night.


You know..... because going to the grocery store is really comparable to a good pedicure or long talk with friends. With all the coupon organizing, deal comparison and calculating down ever isle and all.

Note To self: Next time I am getting a cavity filled or going grocery shopping for my family I should start skipping because this is just a swinging time away for me.

There. I feel better.

Now I can get back to loving my man.

I found this article here this morning and could not help but repost it. Its so true. I love my hubby to peaces but some times I truly feel that men should have to walk a mile in our shoes for just a day. they would really appreciate all that we do.

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