Friday, June 4, 2010

5/31/10-6/6/10 Happenings

Below are some photos taken from my cell phone this week.

Hudson sleeping in my arms!
Hudson playing the roll of a "trashy baby", look at that belly.
Austin hanging out with no pants on. He has his shirt, shoes & socks so he is ready to go to any local store or restaurant ("no, shirt, no shoes, no service", he has that one covered).

In an effort to actually keep our family blog updated I am going to try and post the highlights from our family's week. So here goes our happenings from this week:

Monday 5/31/10: Memorial Day- We took the boys to the Nashville Zoo to explore the animals and have some family fun. You can see a whole post on our adventure here.

Tue. & Thur: Austin went to his teacher's house Mrs. Carmen for school. His actual school is out for summer but Mrs. Carmen is having "summer school" for Austin and Dawson (another boy in his class) along with her 3 kids. He loves it over there!

Wen: we had a play date with Mrs. Jenn, Gavin & Zoe.

Friday morning as I was cleaning out my purse Austin points to some coupons and says "Mommies Money". Too funny! Every Sunday morning as I am pulling the coupons out of the newspaper he is always trying to play with them (he loves putting the paper in a pile and jumping in it like a pile of leaves). I always tell him "please don't jump on these and mess them up, its money". Guess he actually does listen to what I tell him.

Hudson discovered his little feet this week and now loves to pull them up with his hands so he can check them out. He also has really been working on trying to roll over again. He seems to favor rolling onto his left side. He will get over on his side and then try to look the other way so he ends up rolling back onto his little back. He also graduated into size 2 diapers this week. Which mommy was very excited about because now I can buy the Target UP&UP diapers for him in the big box (huge $$$$ savings~we love these diapers for Austin).

Brad and I have been doing an at home version of Weight Watchers and both have had some great results. Brad has lost around 19 lbs so far since the beginning of May and I have lost around 12 lbs. I fit into a pair of jeans this week (they were actually loose) that I have not worn since before I had Austin.

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