Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Fathers Day Crafts

Boy were my boys busy making things for there Daddy & Grandpa's for Fathers Day this year. Austin spent hours (literally) painting and making things for them. Here are some pictures of him in action as well as of the finished master pieces.

Hudson working hard too!
Notice that he has 2 paint brushes one in each hand. He was a trip he would paint some and then throw his hands up and say "ta-da"!
What would Fathers Day be without a tie for Dad?
Since our "Daddy" is so super we had to make him a "Super Daddy" cape
Austin made Dad and his Papa's custom made hammers.

The orange print is Hudson's finger print and the aqua one is Austin's
This is a collage we made for his #1 Dad frame on his desk!

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