Monday, May 31, 2010

Last day of school for Austin

Austin loved his Mothers Day Out (aka: school) program this year. We moved him to a new school this year that was closer to our house since we were pregnant with Hudson and knew that it would be hard to get him back and forth to school once Hudson arrived. I was a little nervous at the beginning of the school year about the new school, because we loved our old one so much.

Austin had a bumpy start with the school year and had lots of separation issues. It took him a long time to be OK in the mornings when I dropped him off. He had to take his Elmo or Mr. Giraffe with him everyday for security. A few months into the school year Austin got a new teacher "Mrs. Carmen" and suddenly he didn't mind going to school anymore. He loved Mrs. Carmen and suddenly also loved school. He learned a lot this year: number and letter recognition, counting, colors, animals and many other things.

The program had there end of the year program/graduation on 5/25/10. The kids learned the following songs to perform for everyone: "Jesus loves me", "The wheels on the bus" and "If your happy and you know it". Well for those of you who know Austin-you know that he is a little show off and that anytime there is a crowd and a stage he thinks everyone is there to see him perform. Well graduation was no different, he truly thought he was the main attraction for the show. All of the kids in the program came into the sanctuary and lined up on the stage area and some how Austin was front row center stage (out of around 75 kids). As they are all lined up Austin pretends to fall off the stairs of the stage. So ones everyone realizes he is OK they start laughing . Which just encouraged him, so he got some of his little buddy's to join him in falling off the stage area. Then when it was just there classes turn to sing there songs he starts falling down basically doing the "inch-worm dance" across the stage. Its one of those moments as a parent you don't know weather to laugh at or hide. Everyone was laughing and it was cute at first but he didn't stop. He is a mess. After the program the school provided cookies and juice for everyone.

The picture below is of him on the 1st and last day of school this year.

Look how cute he is with his little back pack

Playing with his umbrella that Mrs. Carmen made for him. Each kid received one that had there names painted on it along with bugs and frogs. Too cute!
Austin and Mrs. Carmen
Mrs. Carmen with the boys in the class

Notice Austin in the front row in the middle
There class preforming
Yes, that is my son on the floor
The teacher and director trying to wrangle the kids into finishing there class performance

The cookies
Daddy and Austin
Mommy & Austin (the only picture he would take with me)

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