Monday, May 31, 2010

Nashville Zoo-Memorial Day

We decided to take the boys to the Nashville Zoo for Memorial Day. We were there when the park first opened, so it wasn't too hot out yet and it was not too crowded. The boys seemed to enjoy the Zoo. Hudson actually stayed awake for quite a while in his stroller just checking everything out. And Austin LOVED it, there were so many things to see and do there. Grandma and Grandpa and Camren went with us too.

Here is Hudson as we were entering the Zoo
Austin and Daddy heading into the Zoo

Austin was ready to go see the animals and wanted to be a big helper and push his baby brother.
Below is Hudson's reaction as we started walking through what looked like a bamboo forest

Austin checking out the monkeys
This monkey was quite active this morning swinging from one tree to another
Look at that happy face!
Austin was so excited he was galloping/skipping from one animal to the next in the beginning.
Looks like this Merkat is saying "you lookin at me?"

Austin and Daddy checking out the Zebras
Hudson checking out the Zebras
Austin,Grandpa and Camren checking out some more wild animals
Grandpa pushing Austin around the park.

Austin and Mommy inside the petting zoo area

On the merry go round

Checking out the elephants

Hudson sleeping through the elephants
Grandpa being silly at the souvenir stand

Daddy trying to control Austin at the very end
Grandpa explaining to Austin that he needed to get into his stroller so we could leave

Austin enjoying his yummy cookie
Our happy little family on the way out of the zoo
Austin in the car on the way home-looks like he is wearing most of that cookie!

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